About us

Our Mission

Safety is a priority. We all want to feel safe, but do you know what to do if you're attacked on the street? Self-protection is an important skill, but it's one that most of us haven't been taught. We're here to change that.  Our mission is simple: to teach self-defense & awareness to women, so they can protect themselves and the ones they love. We believe women of all ages and abilities can benefit from learning self-defense, and we are committed to providing the highest quality training to help them achieve this goal.  

Our Vision

To bring inspiration, knowledge, and empowerment to all women

so, they can protect themselves and others in any situation.  






Our Workshops

Our workshops provide the best self-defense training for women of all ages and abilities. We offer services to bring to your location, as well as provided rentable locations. Our services include everything from equipment, highly trained instructors, and guest speakers. All workshops provide a brief presentation to educate all participants, hands-on-training, and access to educated martial artists to answer any and all self-defense questions.