Cyclone Self Defense

Cyclone Self Defense

Self-Defense isn't a choice, It's a necessity!

Do you know what to do in a self defense situation? Are you aware of the everyday choices you could be making that put you or loved ones in danger? What you don’t know can get you and the people you love hurt or worse. When it comes to self defense. Knowledge is power. Knowing how to reduce risk of an attack and knowing how to defend yourself properly if attacked are the 2 key points we go over at Cyclone Self Defense.

Disclaimer: Videos and photos may be disturbing to some audiences; viewer discretion is advised.  

TN woman held captive in closet for months, police say.

Man robbed at gunpoint in Nashville while holding baby, police say.

Woman forced into stairwell, raped by stranger.

Hotel sexual assaults on the rise as predators given access to women’s rooms in horrifying trend.


Wanted man in custody after fleeing from police in Mt. Juliet


Student Attacks teacher's aide over Nintendo switch.

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A Tennessee man has been arrested after his ex-girlfriend was found stabbed to death and crammed inside a plastic container in his closet, authorities said Monday.

Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28, was being charged with criminal homicide for the stabbing death of 24-year-old Irene Torres, the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department said.

Herelle had met Torres between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Sunday outside her home in Old Hickory, where an apparent argument ensued, according to investigators.

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